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I admit. I hesitated to watch Orange is the New Black. Too broken. Too harsh. Too prison. Too real.

Except, I found myself binge watching through all of the episodes. And loving it. I have fallen in love with the characters: Suzanne, Chapman, Red, Taystee, Dayanara, Morello. I even liked the ones I wanted to hate: Vee, Pornstashe, Pennsatucky.

Each character struggles, needs direction, is overwhelmed, is discarded, is lost. Some have passion, some have sadness, some have abandonment, some are lonely, some want to be in control, some need power, some need direction. They are learning who they are and some are finding their way. Some are looking for friendship and love, someone who can listen and understand.

They may have made bad choices, had bad timing, or did something they regretted.

They are flawed.

Aren’t we all?

The intro to the show is my favorite. Pimples, wrinkles, crinkles, bad teeth, bushy eyebrows, over tweezed eyebrows, blemishes. These are real women.

We are so different.

Or are we kinda the same?

Watching Orange is the New Black opened my mind and heart–to have a little more understanding and empathy–with broken pieces.

It got me thinking. Our lives are made up of separate pieces that are glued together. Some pieces are forever a little broken. Some people have more broken pieces than others. Some of the broken may never get glued.

But some people are able to turn their broken pieces into a whole. And they make it beautiful.

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