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“Mom, are these your square dancing shoes?” my nine-year-old asked when I was wearing my black, comfortable shoes.

Why yes. Yes they are.

And I proceeded to link my arm in his and we twirled across the kitchen floor.

I did not grow up churning butter. I did not make my dresses out of sacks of flour. I did not listen to square dancing music.

Wait. Yes I did.

And I learned some basic square dance steps. In high school.


In P.E., we were taught how to Do-Si-Do, how to swing your partner to and fro, and how to do some good, old fashioned cardio. Some may have eye rolled and sighed. Some I enjoyed it. Maybe my partner was a super cute boy. Maybe.

I asked my teenaged son if he ever did square dancing in P.E.

He looked at me as if I were wearing a sack of flour.

"Mom, are these your square dancing shoes?" Yes!

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We also square danced in PE back in the day. Kids these days. They have no idea what they’re missing.



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