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What do soccer and a Christmas cactus have to do about life?

I coached my daughter’s soccer team when she was four years old. I knew a thing or two about soccer. We passed, we dribbled, we took shots, we scored goals.

One of the parents gifted me a flowering plant, a Christmas cactus, as a thank you present. It was in full bloom.

The next year, my daughter joined another soccer team. Her soccer skills bloomed. And so did my plant. Every year in late October, my plant blooms magical fuchsia flowers and brightens the window sill with its beauty.

The plant is now in its eighth year of blooming. My daughter is in her twelfth year of blooming.

Though I stopped coaching her on the soccer field, I still coach off the field. I know a thing or two about life:

  • If you don’t take a shot, you will never score.
  • Try your hardest.
  • Take chances.
  • Teamwork is important.
  • Take time to celebrate.

Do all of of the above or you may stop blooming.

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I love your insights on so many things. You’ve got such a great perspective on things, lady!

Thank you. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I need to get a better perspective. Wink!


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