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When you buy your child his Halloween costume three weeks early, chances are he will wear it everyday. And everywhere.

In the car, while shopping, to pick up his sister at soccer practice, around the house, even as jammies.

And when Halloween actually comes, his Spiderman costume may be missing some velcro, or the seams may have torn, or the mask may be missing.

But that’s OK, because his costume made him happy the entire month of October.

Happy Halloween!

Spiderman takes a break.

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OK I finally had a socend to sit down and support this unkown world of blogging. Since I am from the back-woods I am not too sure how to put down an entry, but what better time then now.You know me, I am listening to Christmas music in July, so I think now is the perfect time to get us ready (stressed) for Christmas haha. Its coming fast! Your cards are so darling and by the way, that sure is a cute family! Hehe

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