The Tuna Thief


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who made the tastiest tuna fish sandwiches in all the land. She used only the finest cans of tuna, mayonnaise, and relish.

She would make the batch of tuna the night before, cut her sandwiches diagonally, and tuck them into paper bags. She stored her lunches with care in her locker at school.

The aromas wafted through the locker vents, down the halls, into the nostrils of. The tuna thief.

When she went to her locker, she discovered her lunch had vanished. This happened for 5 days straight.

Who was eating her entire lunch? The tuna sandwich, the yogurt, the apple, the granola bar. Her belly rumbled.

The girl discovered the thief. She caught a fellow student opening her locker and taking her lunch. Just like that. So the next day, she filled the lunch bag with trash. He took the bait.

And that was that. The tuna thief was nevermore. The girl lived happily ever after, with a full belly and tuna breath.

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