Blood and Popcorn Kernels


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You know what scares me?

Clink! Klank! Rattle!

The sound of popcorn kernels in the garbage disposal.

My friend and I both share the fear of reaching into the sink to remove kernels. Because. Blood spewing. And. Bones chipping.

I glanced over at the switch to make sure it was off. Then, I  reached deep, deep, into the slimy pit. Feeling around and digging out popcorn kernels from the garbage disposal. One by one.

The fear that the switch would suddenly flip on and my fingers would get mangled by the blade and my bones would be churned into bits. Blood spurting everywhere. The disposal cutting into my hand, eating its way up to my wrist.

So now when I hear–Clink! Klank! Rattle!–I stay the hell away from the sink. And let those little suckers rattle away to their death, sparing my fingers and bones another day.

Enjoy those popcorn balls!

Check out those balls!

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