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The other evening, I had the pleasure of driving in cars with boys. My boys, ages nine and 15.

They are forever making me smile and cringe and giggle and eyeroll.

“Your Mama” jokes, post-football stink, the always-hungry Mom, can we stop at Burger King?, funny comments about body parts, requests for rides (to purchase new Halloween masks, for example). And always very loud music.

When Welcome to the Jungle started playing, my oldest turned it up to 30. I reached over and cranked it up to 35.

I am (usually) not one of those turn-the-music-down-mothers. And because I try to let the boys be boys. I have learned this from living with several guys (three + Otis).

I later Googled the lyrics to the song. That evening, I learned something else. Sometimes it’s best not to Google. 🙂

My boys. Aren't they the sweetest? 😉

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Google can take the most innocent search and turn it into something horrifying. I confess, I’m usually a turn it down type mom. Only because when we’re in the car I’ve got a captive audience and the rare opportunity to teach them the art of conversation via mouth instead of text.

I know what you mean about Googling…yikes! Sometimes it’s best not to know. 🙂 And captive audiences are always good for conversations. We’ve even had talks about sex in the car. Captive audience + no eye contact => winning!


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