Can a Midget Fit in a Backpack?


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Thanks to my nine-year-old and his inquisitive mind, there are so many questions. Thank goodness for Google.

As a result, we learn something new every day. Sometimes every minute.

  • Can a midget fit in a backpack?
  • Do fish drink water?
  • How big is the earth?

Question #1. I already knew the answer to the first question. It depends how big your backpack is. Maybe one of those backpacking-across-Europe backpacks. But let’s check wording, because it’s not OK to say midget anymore. Check out this link for more information on appropriate terminology.

Question #2. I have no idea. According to our search, only saltwater fish drink water. Freshwater fish get their water through osmosis: the gills, skin, and stomach. More information on fish and hydration can be found here.

Question #3. Really big. But, check this out. The Sun is waaaay bigger. We learned that you can fit more than one million Earths inside the Sun. The precise number according to this article is 1,300,000.

Keep those questions coming, young man!

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