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Don’t be scared, y’all. In college, I had a job as a clown.

I was hired by a party-planning-and-events company to make children laugh. And sometimes cry and hide behind their mothers.

For $50 per party, I donned full-clown make-up with a big, red, oversized smile. A wig. And a puffy clown outfit with big shoes, which made it hard to drive. Add the 20 helium-filled balloons shoved in the back of my Sentra, and I was instant clown car. Bam!

My job description was to show up at the party–in a back yard, living room, or park–deliver the balloons, give my birthday salutations in the form of a memorized “clown poem,” and maybe do a little jig. Half an hour of pure delight. Or creepiness. No balloon animal-making or magic tricks required. Just me, my jumbo smile and jumbo shoes, and balloons that went every which way.

I never did put “clown” on my resume, no need to really. Because in that job, I learned some life lessons that I still put into practice today:

  1. Underneath the make-up, you are still you. So, be yourself.
  2. It’s OK to be silly.
  3. Comfortable shoes. Always.

Now that I have children of my own, my inner clown comes out pretty regularly. Especially during breakfast, when eating ice cream, and taking selfies.

Clowning around. I ran across this picture today. Perfect timing, as I needed a smile.

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Love this simple post and thoughts on lessons learned. I used to dress up like a clown as a kid. My Abuela made me a homemade clown costume from old shirt and pants and I used old makeup (i can still smell the old-lady lipstick) to “paint” my face. I can’t believe i did that. As I grew, I invested in real clown makeup. It was interesting and fun…certainly a creative way to spend the summers.

How fun! I think I need a picture! Halloween is coming soon!


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