Running on Empty


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I’m a believer of glass-half-full thinking. You know, trying to stay positive and framing things in the best light. Because life is full of awesomeness!

I am exhausted. Instead: Wow, I got so much done today!

Ugh, I gained two pounds this weekend. Instead: Dang, those nachos and pie were tasty!

But sometimes, my life gets a little too full for me to handle and I get overwhelmed and overextended. Back-to-school, work deadlines, activities. As I was driving to pick up my son from football practice, I noticed the gas tank was on empty. Yikes! Literally and figuratively, I was running on empty.

You should have filled up earlier. Yeah, duh.

When my husband came home, he didn’t judge. He offered to take my car to fill it up for me. Because he’s nice like that and he knew that I needed help.

Sometimes my life is so full that it runneth over my glass. And sometimes my glass and gas tank get empty. That’s when I know that I need to reach out for help to fill things back up.

Watermelon-peach smoothies? Yes please!

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Didn’t realize you were a blogger! 🙂

Love this thought. It’s so nice to have people in our life who we can rely on when we need help.

Oh, and the drinks look amazing. I made fresh-squeezed raspberry lemonade the other day..looked very similar to what you are drinking. Were your drinks “adult?” 😉

Thank you. Aren’t we lucky to have some dependable and kind folks that surround us?

Those are my watermelon-peach-ice smoothies. Very easily could be adult, but these were (sadly) not!


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