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As a parent, do I need to teach my children how to do everything?


Take personal hygiene. I thought all those years of washing babies, then toddlers, then little children in the tub would prepare them for self-washing.

It didn’t.

Yeah, rubbing soap on your belly doesn’t clean your arm pits. And washing your hair with conditioner, doesn’t clean your hair. It just makes it soft. And putting shaving cream all over your body just wastes the shaving cream.

Conditioning shampoo. Nourishing conditioner. Tricky wording. For awhile there, my son had the softest, but dirtiest hair in town.

We have since found the 2-in-1 and even the 3-in-1. Genius, really. No parenting required.

Hooray for 2-1 and 3-1! Cleaning one's hair and body has never been easier!

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