Mr. Potato Head’s Glasses


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When I look through past photos of my children, I get all crazy sentimental.

Pictures are powerful. A moment in time, captured.

Take this picture, for example.

I remember this day as if it were yesterday. My daughter still in her nightgown, in the afternoon. My son wearing Mr. Potato Head’s glasses, upside down. Lincoln Log creations abound.

Their toys took up precisely one-third of our living room.

Years later, I gave away that big bin of Lincoln Logs…to stash away at Nana’s house. It was time to get rid of so. Much. Stuff.

Um. Mean Mom! What was I thinking??

So, the other day, I lugged that bin of Lincoln Logs back home. What’s old is new again.

Fun, creativity, and new (old?) memories await. The only thing missing is Mr. Potato Head’s glasses.

He wore Mr. Potato Head glasses…

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