I Can’t Drive 55


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I have always had a lead foot.

That’s what my driver’s education teacher said way back when. Slow down! You need to brake, NOW!

I drive fast but safe. “Safely fast,” you could call it.

The past three times I’ve been pulled over for speeding, I only got one ticket. Must be my charm. And good manners.

In fact, the other day, I was hauling up the highway in Missouri. on my way to Kansas City. Out of the corn fields, a Missouri state highway patrol was on my tail, with flashing lights. A thought ran through my head: Smokey and the Bandit.

I pulled over to the side of the highway.

Ma’am, I clocked you going 80.


I am sooooo sorry, officer. My son and I have been visiting family and we’re heading to the airport. Again, I am sooooo sorry.  

And I was sorry. Sorta. Sorry that my son saw me getting busted.

Turned out, I got off with a $10 fine but no speeding ticket. Whew! My midwestern manners and big smile paid off. Again.


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I’m cracking up that you actually took a pic of the police car’s red/blue lights as he pulled you over. You’re crazy.

It’s funny because as I was getting pulled over, my first thought was oh shit and my second thought was this would make a great blog post! Ha!


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