Age Spots?


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A dermatology appointment. Because. I thought I had skin cancer.

The doctor took a quick look at a little bump on my forehead. Um. That is an age spot, he said.

What a relief. Not skin cancer. Just old.

Um. Old? Um. Not me. I’m effervescent! My friend told me so. Effervescent means vivacious and enthusiastic.

I’m more like Benjamin Button. Getting younger by the day, not older. Silly doctor.


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LMAO. Me too! Are you planning to address them, or just go with the flow? I’ve had success using skinbright, but I’m keeping my options open. If you try something that works, I’d like to hear.

For now, I’m going with the flow. But the wrinkles have me freaked out so I am hydrating like crazy!


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