Let it Go


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“Let it go.” For someone who likes to be in control, letting go is not always that easy. But impulsively going to the lake with the kids on a hot Summer day was easier than I thought.

But I have to work. Work will be there in two hours. Let it go.

But I don’t have time to pack a picnic. Go to Subway. Let it go.

But I didn’t bring my swimsuit. No one will care if you swim in your shorts and tank top. Let it go.

But the lake is greenish and kinda slimy and chilly. It’s nearly 100 degrees. Let it go.

I let it all go. And jumped into that greenish, kinda slimy, and chilly lake. Fully dressed. With my belly full of Subway. Guess what? It was the best, freeing, unplanned afternoon of the Summer! (So far…)

That's my girl!

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