Bread and Blackberries


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Little things can make a big impact.

Who would have thought that little things such as bread and blackberries can make such a big impact on children? As I reflect on Father’s Day, here are two examples.

My nine-year-old son made his Dad a card and inside he wrote what makes his Dad so awesome:

“I love my Dad! My Dad is the best! My Dad is a great cook. For example, my Dad makes good sandwiches called triples.”

He went on to explain that triples are sandwiches with one piece of bread on the top, one piece of bread in the middle, and one on the bottom.

Adding an extra slice of bread to make a super tall sandwich? Very cool. But the care of feeding and nurturing his son with nutrition and fun, what an impact.

The other day, I spotted blackberries growing. Blackberries always remind me of my Dad, because he and I used to pick them together. He taught me the perfect technique of when to pick (not too red but not too ripe), how to pick (without getting pricked by thorns), and when to eat (the super soft black ones are meant for eating on the spot!)

One by one, blackberries are oh so small. But filling buckets full and spending time with my Dad on a hot summer afternoon? What an impact.

Dad…drawn by my youngest son. Love it!

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Baby blackberries.

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