The Pair of Uggs


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A few years ago, I bought my daughter a pair of Ugg boots on a whim. Ugh. Are they expensive.

My daughter was only nine years old at the time.

Will you take good care of these boots? Yes!

Do you promise not to jump through puddles in them? Yes!

She seemed trustworthy. I dropped $120 on them and off we went. My daughter wearing her new suede boots immediately, with her old, battered, Mary Janes in the shoe box. Old and battered should have clued me in to the wear and tear a child makes on shoes. But, nooo!

The very first time she wore those boots to school, she sloshed in a puddle and muddled through the mud. What did I expect? She’s nine.

Yep, they were ruined, those boots. Ruined in a day.

So, I did like all smart shoppers do. With receipt in hand, I returned those scuffed, battered, muddied Ugg boots to where else? Nordstrom.

“Yeah, they didn’t quite work out for us,” I smiled with my perfect game face.

I got my money back. And we promptly purchased a pair of rubber boots at Target for $19.99. With cherries on them. Perfect for a girl to slosh and muddle in. And to be nine.

Just hanging around.

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You’re a better mom than I am. The mere mention of the word UGG and I got “UGH!!! NOOO!!!!”

I learned my lesson! Uggs are for Mommies. 🙂


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