Tom Sawyer


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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? Total classic. And that Tom? What a clever youngster.

You remember how he was tasked with painting a fence. A huge fence. Tom cleverly persuades another to do it for him because it is oh so fun and what an honor it would be to paint. A privilege, in fact.

That Tom. Clever. Tricky.

So yeah, I tried it. But instead of painting a fence: mopping the floor. Because when you live in a home with three children and a hairy yellow dog, the job of mopping is about as daunting. As painting a fence.

It’s so fun! And what a privilege it will be to mop!

And guess what?

She did, that daughter of mine. She turned mopping into ice skating. And whaddya know, I spent the afternoon goofing off, just like ol’ Tom did.

Tom Sawyer moment.

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