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“You can have any fabric as long as it’s cotton.”

Ah, cotton. So soft. So comforting. So darn comfortable.

I am happiest when I wear cotton. Cotton t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, socks. Yes, please!

Even when I am required to dress up for work, I try to incorporate cotton. Perhaps a “fancy” t-shirt with a cotton-infused cardigan? Perhaps a cotton dress? Fake fabrics make me sweat. And itch. And bitch.

At family meals and celebrations at our house, there is no dress code. We are casual. I believe in comfort. Because comfort = happy. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. As long as you’re here, come as you are.

Cotton jammy pants? Fine. Cotton hoodies that happen to be inside-out? Fine. No shirt? Fine. Cotton jammy pants as your shirt? Fine.

Meatloaf with a side of cotton, please.

Easter Eve. Always casual around here. Pants optional. Jammies up to your neck, also optional.

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I’m wearing 100% cotton everything right now and am so comfy I could take a nap.

Me too! Love that cotton. 🙂


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