Stone Soup


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You know the classic story Stone Soup? Where the stranger enters the village to make this amazing soup out of simply a stone and a pot and hot water? He uses his great negotiation skills and slyness to score donations of carrots, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables…to make…voila.

Soup out of a stone, wowing villagers. How could this be?

Well. My soup was the opposite. My intentions at the beginning of the week were to make soup. A rich, vegetable soup with roasted chicken and beans. Packed with nutrients. And lots of other stuff.

I purchased all of the ingredients and stocked the refrigerator. I got too busy. The soup waited another day to be made.

Turns out, the kids ate the two roasted chickens.

The next day, I purchased two more roasted chickens. Meanwhile, the kids had eaten the vegetables with dip. And the soup waited another day to be made.

I repurchased vegetables. Meanwhile, the beans were turned into nachos. And the soup waited another day to be made. No soup was made that week.

All that was left–from the bounty of food purchased on Monday–was a stone.

Oh just making stone soup.

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