Aim for the Stars


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I had a Spanish teacher in high school who was small, but mighty. Her words are still with me:

“It is better to aim for the stars and land in the trees, than to aim for the trees, and land in the mud.”

She was all about goals and excellence. She wanted her students to do their best and aim high.

That quote is my son.

Newly fifteen years old, he is tall and mighty. He is confident, goal-oriented, responsible, determined, and driven. He is finding his way and becoming a man. He is all about excelling. He always does his best. And he certainly aims high.

Plus, I can see the determination in his eyes and in his smile.

I could see it back when, too. When he was small, but mighty.

The world was his.

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He was so cute!!! He’s giving Otis a run for his money on the Cute-O-Meter!!

Aw, thank you!


Aw, thanks!

That was so WAY before Otis. 🙂


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