The Confident Tulip


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When it comes to confidence, I am a late bloomer. Better late, than never, right?

My eleven-year-old daughter’s confidence, however, is already blossoming. This makes me so happy and proud! Because I think confident roots will help her go (grow) far.

She’s tall. She’s strong. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s creative. She’s athletic. She’s loving. She’s lovely.

And she knows it.

We reinforce it. And role model it. (I can say this because this is now true.)

When I took this picture, one pink tulip stood out from the others.

It’s the confident tulip. It’s my daughter.

That tall pink one is my daughter. 🙂

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1. I get some of my confidence from being a dad to confident girls. But it had to come from somewhere first. Did they borrow it and now are repurposing it?

2. Your daughter had to have had some role modeling of it before you even realized.

3. It’s never, ever too late for a little confidence. Ever.

I love it!

You sound like an amazing father. Maybe you’re right, that confidence is cyclical and is repurposed. You need to get it from somewhere first. What came first, the confidence or the role modeling of confidence?

Thank you so much for writing and commenting.


She’s a beauty, just like her momma.

Aw! What a nice thing to say.

Thank you!

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