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Remember Sleepless in Seattle? One of my favorite scenes is when Sam Baldwin (the Dad) is telling his son about some of his favorite memories of his wife who died. One of the reasons was how she could “peel an apple in one long, curly strip.” Read this article about 29 more reasons why this movie is the best romantic comedy of all time.

“It was a million tiny little things” why my grandmother was the best. Her baking pies and cookies. Her sitting by you on the sofa and patting your knee reminding you that she loved you so much. Her making the perfect duck sounds as she read you Angus and the Ducks. Her hands smelling like bleach as she scrubbed the stains out of your clothes.

Her reassuring you that everything will be all right. Kinda like Bob Marley. Read here about the similarities between Bob Marley and my grandmother.

One memory, like Sleepless in Seattle, was when she sliced a banana on your cereal, then she always popped the last piece in her mouth. Always.

And guess what? I do the exact same thing. Always.

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She sounds like a great lady. Just like her granddaughter.

She was amazing! I miss her every day.


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