What is a Cloaca?


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What is a cloaca?

Yeah, you don’t wanna know. Especially as you are consuming hard-boiled eggs in mass quantities.

While eating eggs aplenty over the weekend, my two youngest children were worried they were eating baby chicks.

“No, don’t worry! These are just egg eggs. No baby chicks. You need a rooster for that.”

But how does a rooster fertilize the eggs? Hmmm…the hell if I know.

Thanks to Google, we found out: Roosters mount chickens and ejaculate semen in the cloaca. (Oh sheesh. TMI at breakfast time.)

What is a cloaca? It’s like the vagina and butt hole all in one. (Nice!)

LOL. Yeah, definitely TMI at breakfast time. My youngest is like, “Ew! I ate eggs that came out of a cloaca!” It’s a good thing Otis the Dog loves eggs, because we may be gifting him several now.

Eggs cellent!

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My friend DiaperDads is awesome and he and I often swap cloaca jokes. This was one of his recent lovelies. Go on and add your favorite cloaca funny in comments.


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Oh the horror of the cloaca!!!! Run for your lives!!!

I don’t think I can ever say cloaca again without giggling!


I’m going to have to do another image some time. Maybe the next one will be of the Cloacapocalypse.

Yes, that’s a must!

I hope I am the first to know!

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