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When I was a child, my mother bought me two baby ducks and a baby chick at Easter. Because. She. Was. Cool. Like. That.

And, naturally, we lived in a neighborhood, not on a farm. And back then, urban chickens weren’t exactly the rage. Imagine my delight when I got to pet and hold and nurture baby farm life! The babies would gently peck at the grain in my palm with their beaks and bills. And I would rub their softness against my cheek.

They lived in a cardboard box with a heat lamp, in our laundry room off the kitchen. They were my pride and joy.

Only a few days after getting them, one of the baby ducks named Quincy died. It was one of the saddest days. But I had Abraham, who I later trained to walk on a leash.

The chick grew quickly. Her downy fuzz was soon replaced by spiky feathers. And whaddya know, she turned into a rooster. Who proceeded to cock-a-doodle-doo at 5:00 a.m., much to the neighbors’ dismay. We had to quickly find him a home at the petting zoo.

But we had the duck for awhile and he was awesome.

Thinking back, my mother had the best intentions to buy me baby animals at Easter, surrounding me with love and animals.

Years later, I bought my son baby ducks at Easter. He loved to pet and hold and nurture them. He fed them with his little hands. He helped me pour in fresh water. He “helped” his Dad make a cage outside. We lived on five acres; a perfect home for ducks. It was blissful!

Except. Not so much.

Our yard backed up to a forest, with a variety of wild animals who happened to prey on ducks.

One fateful morning, when went to feed the ducks, they had, sadly, died. Tortured, really. Turns out a raccoon or fox had climbed into their fence and bit off their heads. It was shocking.

Like my mother, I, too, had only the best intentions to surround my son with love and animals.

That was our last foray with baby ducks. We seem to do much better with large dogs. 🙂


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