Roller Skating Then and Now


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I started roller skating before I could walk.

“Back in the day”on a Saturday night. It was the early ’80’s. We wore tight white jeans and feathered hair. We roller skated our butts off at the roller rink. With the disco ball whirling and Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll playing loudly.

It was the best! Round and round we’d go. Looking hot. And getting hot (and sweaty). The wooden floors where shiny, and so were our foreheads.

One day recently, I picked up my kids early from school. To go to “an appointment.” Well, yeah, that’s what I wrote on the note. As if!

We went roller skating at the local roller rink. We had the whole place to ourselves! It was the best!

Besides the music changing from Joan Jett to Rihanna, it was the exact same. Same floor. Same disco ball. Same roll-the-giant-dice game. Same hokey pokey. And probably the same roller skates from the ’80’s. Yikes!

We had the skating rink to ourselves. Must've scared everyone away!

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My roller skating buddies.

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I very badly wanna be one of your children. Or Otis, I’d even wanna be Otis.

We will gladly take you!

If you are Otis, then you can be my running buddy!


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