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I may or may not open a pie shop. Someday.

I have a place all picked out. It’s a little vintage cottage, painted yellow. And it’s for sale. Right near the neighborhood park and a burger place, in the center of town. Old people, teens, couples, and families will come in droves.

I have perfected my pie crust. It was my grandmother’s recipe. And I am kinda known for my pecan pies and chocolate pies. I will expand my repertoire, don’t worry.

It’ll be a happy place, where you can come for big slices of pie. And you will be happy. And I will be happy serving you pie. My pie. Pippi’s Pie Shop will ooze happiness.

My kids are totally supportive of my dream. Except my oldest, who’s like “Costco pies are better.” What the what??

We drive by the future home of Pippi’s Pie Shop nearly every day and we all point it out, “Woohoo! There’s Mom’s future pie shop!”

This magical dream is so real, I can taste it. My daughter–who recently got hot pink highlights and now we call her Pinkie–said she wants to go into business with me. Awesome! We’ll change the name to Pippi and Pinkie’s Place. And we’ll sell pies and candy. With giant glass jars filled with every kind of candy imaginable and enormous lollipops. We’ll paint the walls hot pink and there will be Twister-like spots on the floor. Such a happy place it will be!

Awhile back I wrote about people who squash other peoples’ dreams. I call them shatterers of dreams. Or assholes. Read about them¬†here.¬†

So the next time you hear about someone’s dream, support it. Even if it’s a dream that vanishes like…my yummy pies.

Future site of Pippi's Pie Shop.

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I will gladly buy pie from Pippi and Pinkie’s Place whenever I can! Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate cream pie with vanilla ice cream, and peach pie with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Thank you! I’ll give you an extra big slice.

Pinkie Promise…ha!

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