Speculums and Pulling Taffy


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Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Eyes and ears and breasts and vaginas

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!

It’s been a month of check-ups, head to toe. And everything in between.

Had my nose and ears checked. Whew, no salmonella poisoning or brain tumor. Read more about that diagnosis here.

Had my lady parts checked out. You know, my bits and pieces. Vagina. Ovaries. Uterus. Cervix. All the good stuff. Speculum anyone?

Had my breasts checked for lumps and whatnot. That bi-annual mammogram was super fun. Like pulling taffy. Who knew that breasts could stretch. So. Far. And they went back to their original shape, just like Stretch Armstrong. “As you were.”

Next month, it’s the dentist. I can’t wait!

Go on, get your appointments made. You deserve to be healthy. Take care of yourselves, y’all!

Speculums are my favorite!

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Friends urge friends to get mammograms. We deserve healthy and happy breasts. Now, time to go bra shopping!

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Thank you! Mammograms… Pap smears… Who likes them? It’s not fun to spend five minutes each for those procedures every year or two, is it? Imagine, NOT having it done, and finding out that you had breast cancer the hard way. Or cervical cancer.

We all do things we hate to do, like cleaning poopy diapers, or cleaning the pee from around the toilet bowl.
We do it because we have to. We do it to keep our family clean and healthy.

Suck it up! Deal with the discomfort! Get your Pap smear, your mammogram, your colonoscopy, and while you’re at it get your immunizations up-to-date. Do it even though it’s not fun. Do it because you love yourself. Do it because you love your family and want to be there for them for a long time.

Yes! We do these things because we want to be healthy for ourselves and others.

Thank you for writing!


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