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My children will never win a best attendance award at school.

Because of illness. Family vacations. And. Playing hooky with Mom.

I mean, when there are four feet of new powder in the mountains and it’s a Friday, uh yeah, we’re going!

Skip the multiplication. Skip the molecules. Skip the action verbs. Skip the art projects. For a day.

Actually, we didn’t skip any of that!

  • We had 80 times more fun playing in the snow than playing at recess.
  • We examined snowflakes, which are made up of molecules. This article was particularly informative about the chemistry of snow.
  • We romped, tumbled, explored, jumped. leaped, dove, rolled, snowshoed. Need more action verbs?
  • We created lots and lots of art: snow ball creatures, snow angels, crazy Godzilla-knocking-over-snow-towers videos.

To celebrate my husband’s birthday, our whole family played hooky that day. He took our two oldest children downhill skiing while my youngest and I adventured. And we may or may not have joyfully hummed the Indiana Jones theme song.


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Perfect day.

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Fun day!

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Sounds like a blast!!! You are such a FUN family!! Adopt me?

Do you like to mop?

If so, you’re in!


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