Salmonella Poisoning?


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Dizzy. Equilibrium off. Lack of appetite. Aching.

What could it be?

I know. It was probably salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs from cookie dough. Yep, I knew it. I finally got it. After eating pounds and pounds of uncooked cookie dough over the years, I was due.

The symptoms continued for days. I talked to my friend who’s a nurse and admitted my dough overdose. She’s like nah. Are you dehydrated? Do you have stomach pains? Do you have diarrhea?

OK, so I Googled my symptoms. Turns out I had a brain tumor. And it’s been growing there for three weeks, apparently. My husband’s like get your butt to the doctor.

So, he took me. On Valentine’s Day in fact. What love! (Not sure why I didn’t go to the doctor sooner. I mean, I take my kids the second they have a symptom.)

I did not have a brain tumor. Whew! I did not have salmonella poisoning. Whew!

Turns out I had merely a bilateral otitis media and sinutitus (double ear infection and sinus infection). What a tough cookie I am.


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Is eating too much raw cookie dough called an “over-dough-se”? 😀

I’m glad you’re not dying. 😀


Good one! You’re punny!


Thank you. I am equally relieved.


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