White Paper Gone Wild


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If you give a child a crayon and white paper, imagine the possibilities.

But what if it’s a ginormous roll of white butcher paper? The last time I bought a roll of this paper was when my oldest son was six years old and my daughter was two years old. It lasted nine years!

We rolled out the paper for murals, birthday parties, for art projects, for framed masterpieces, even for wrapping paper. We’d haul out the markers, rubber stamps, crayons, finger paints. You name it. We covered that white paper until the white didn’t show.

I recently wandered into the teaching supply store to seek some items my children would enjoy. Hmmmm. They are now too old for lacing shapes, building blocks, alphabet posters. What to buy??

Ah, yes. A roll of white butcher paper! Because you are never too old to be creative. This will last us through high school!

Guess what? The other night, we rolled out the paper–six feet across the dining room table–added markers and Sir Mix-A-Lot and it urned into a “white paper gone wild” night.

As a result, I have a new tablecloth. 🙂

My daughter painted this masterpiece when she was 5. I love it!

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If you give a child a crayon…

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My daughter creating a masterpiece!

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My daughter and I were drawing past bedtime. #midnight

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What a creative family!!! I love how much fun you guys have together!

Thank you!

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