How Do You Like Them Apples


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I know some fruit haters. Or maybe they are just plain haters.

For example, when striking up a conversation as I often do, I’ll blurt out “Yeah, I’m trying to eat more clean and reduce my sugar.”

And the other person answers, “You mean no fruit too, right?”

As if. They are orange haters and apple haters and blueberry haters.

Yeah no. I mean no Chips Ahoy and Skittles and Red Vines, you bitch.

I find nothing offensive about an apple. Do you?

In fact, according to this article, “the phytonutrients in apples can help you regulate your blood sugar. Recent research has shown that apple polyphenols can help prevent spikes in blood sugar through a variety of mechanisms…The polyphenols in apple have been shown to lessen absorption of glucose from the digestive tract; to stimulate the beta cells of the pancreas to secrete insulin; and to increase uptake of glucose from the blood via stimulation of insulin receptors.”

With 7,500 known varieties of apples and more than 69 million tons of apples grown worldwide, apples are kinda popular. Really, a perfect anytime snack. And they are excellent for juggling.

So how do you like them apples?

How do you like them apples?

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Mad juggling skills.

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Ringling Bros called. They said to keep your day job. They’re all booked up with jugglers who juggle imaginary apples but if a space opens up, you’re the first call they make. 😀


Their loss.


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