The Prince and the Bean


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My youngest son isn’t picky when it comes to food. He likes pretty much everything. Except cheeseburgers “with ketchup only.” Nothing too spicy. And he hates beans.

What?? Beans are so cute! So vegan! So versatile! So filling! So packed with protein! So packed with fiber!

They are my favorite. I could eat them daily. And I practically do. Beans are beanalicious! Beanerrific!

Not according to my son. He hates them. Detests them. Can’t stand them.

C’mon, try them, you’ll like them. You used to eat beans when you were a toddler. You’d pick them up one by one.

Now, he picks them out one by one.

The other night, it was quesadillas for dinner. You know, the kind of half-assed dinner you make when you’re out of time? Tortillas with melted cheese and refried beans smeared on them. Except for my bean hater, no beans for him. I am well trained.

Except. His big brother snuck one itsy bitsy pinto bean into his quesadilla. To see if he would notice. Much like the princess and the pea, who was tested to see if she was indeed royal. She slept on a bed with 20 mattresses piled on top of each other, with a pea hidden at the bottom. The idea was that only a real princess would notice a pea through so much bedding.

As my son was eating and chewing away. He stopped mid-bite, extracted and removed the bean. And punched his brother in the nose requested a bean-free peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Quit staring at me, burrito.

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