Ode to Olive Garden


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“When you’re here, you’re family.” That’s Olive Garden’s old motto.

What a crock! It’s a good thing that motto changed.┬áBecause I don’t know anyone’s family as nice as they are at this chain restaurant.

A warm greeting when you enter. Niceties as you sit down. Huge plates of food. Refills on soup and salad, without even asking. Friendly faces everywhere.

How is everything? Everything OK? Can I can get you anything? Grated Parmesan? More soup?

I mean, the last time I went, the waitress practically wiped the soup dribble off my chin.

Olive Garden oozes warmth and kindness. Yes, the people are that nice.

And when they holler at you as you leave, to please come back. You do. Over and over.

This is my Olive Garden-inspired minestrone soup. Not served with niceties. Only, “The soup is READY! Get your butts down here!”

Soup…there it is.

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