Love and Chocolate (Lovin’ Chocolate)


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Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Except when it comes to Valentine’s Day. As a child, I always knew what I was gonna get. A box of chocolates. And not just your everyday drugstore box of chocolates. My mother always gifted me a one-pound box of See’s chocolates. Nuts and chews, of course. My favorite.

This was back when you couldn’t order See’s online. Yeah, because there was no “online.” You had to go to the special See’s store where the workers wore black and white and often had blue hair. Not because they were emo, but because they were old. It smelled heavenly in there. And you’d wait in a long line and pay with cash or check. Because they didn’t accept credit cards. And they would give you a sample chocolate. Usually a piece of chocolate with gaggy, pink filling.

But the nuts and chews–especially the chews–were the best!

I can just taste the gooey caramel. The crunchy almonds. Milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. I can hear the crinkly papers.

My very own box. Golly, my mother sure loved me! If I wanted to take to take just one bite out of a chocolate and put it back, I could. If I wanted to eat three, then four, then five in a row, I could. And did.

And if I wanted to eat the whole box of chocolates in one day? You betcha!

This picture is me with my awesome mother, when I was eleven years old and had the metabolism of a gazelle. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! May you eat all the chocolate you want.

That's me with my mother. #love

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