A Decade of Marbles


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Our last plecostomus (sucker fish) recently died. He lived nearly six years. He did a fine job keeping our fresh-water aquarium algae-free. The aquarium that has been home to goldfish, angel fish, big-eyed fish, silver fish, neons.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

We have been hosting fish pets in our home for two decades, in a peaceful aquarium. Over the years, my husband has diligently fed the fish, corrected the water’s pH balance, buried the fish when they died, and encouraged our children to buy new ones–suggesting varieties that would be amicable.

That last sucker fish marked an end to our aquatic pets. So, the tank was emptied and bleached out, the gravel was recycled, and the hoses and filter were tucked away. For another time.

In the process, my husband found dozens and dozens of marbles. That had been buried at the bottom of the tank, under the gravel. Hidden like gems, for a decade.

When our children were teeny tiny and because marbles were a choking hazard, every time my husband found a marble in the house, in a pocket, from a game board, he would drop it in the tank for to keep the kids safe. Plink!

After all these years, we retrieved these magical, treasure-like marbles. They serve as vibrant memories when our children were tiny. Young childhood, now long gone. Just like the fish who once swam in that sparkling aquarium.

That husband of mine, what a gem! Anyone up for a game of Chinese checkers?

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