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What is the perfect age to babysit?

I dunno. But my eleven-year-old daughter just scored her first babysitting gig. She might be a little on the young side, or maybe not. Given the circumstances–after school for a couple of hours next door–I think she is probably the perfect age.

Because she wanted to be there. She did great with the girls; they loved her! And. She still loves to play.

She doesn’t text yet. Or talk on the phone with her girlfriends. Or have too much homework.

And she certainly doesn’t sneak into the family’s liquor cabinet to pour rum into a thermos. That she brought over to fill, to save for later. To drink with her friends when they met up at the graveyard. No, that was me as a babysitter, once in high school. 🙂

No. My daughter still plays. She crawls through tunnels. Performs puppet shows. Draws. Crafts. Chases. Plays with dollhouses. Giggles. Dresses up. And plays with plastic horses. She even brings over her own horse collection to share with the children she babysits.

Yeah, eleven years old is a perfect age to get paid for playing.

Just hanging around.

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The newest babysitter on the block!

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$15 bucks! Dang, babysitting pays way better now than when I was her age! 🙂

No kidding. I need to make me up some fliers!


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