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We’re kinda big into deodorant around our house.

Probably because we’re big into sports, sweat, and stink.

But I’ll still often hear this, “Awwww. Why do I have to shower AGAIN??” As if one shower is enough.

Except my teen. He’s always clean. I love to hug him and get a whiff of his freshness! He thinks it’s kinda weird once I start sniffing.

Recently, my eight-year-old son wanted his very own deodorant. To smell like his big brother, of course. He proceeded to attach it to a string and tape it to his closet. To serve as a reminder to apply it daily. How funny is that?!

Before one of his basketball games, I gave him a hug and wished him good luck and got a whiff of him. Whew! You could smell his Axe “Phoenix” a mile away! He had put deodorant everywhere. Across his forehead. On his forearms. On his calves. And on his armpits.

The other day before school–in the crazy minutes rushing before breakfast–my young son put his sister’s deodorant on. All over his bare butt. Just to piss her off.

For some reason, that didn’t surprise me. 🙂

Hiking buddies.

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