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Hey Hollywood moms! It took you three whole months to lose that weight you gained while pregnant?!

It has taken me 176 months (that’s 14 years + 8 months) to lose the weight I gained while pregnant with my first son, then my daughter, then my second son. Because life sorta happened. 

Where is my magazine headline?!

It’s a good thing I’m not under scrutiny like Hollywood moms, who are measured by the size of their jeans and the collagen in their lips. Whew!

But maybe I am. My own self-scrutiny. Yeah sure, I want to look good in jeans. Who doesn’t? And I always have lipstick handy. Because my lips don’t have collagen and they sorta need some color.

There’s kinda more to life than the scale, don’tcha think?

In life, I strive to be joyful and optimistic, to support my children with love, to be kind and to teach my children to be kind, to pursue my passions and to encourage them to follow theirs, to use my brain and to prioritize education for my children, to be active and healthy, to communicate, to celebrate, to be independently minded, to do fun things like hike and bake and camp and roller skate, to make the most out of today.

And maybe, with all that roller skating and hiking and living, the smaller jeans will fit one day. 🙂

Me and my son…when he wasn't 6' 2".

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And you did it all without a personal trainer (well, if you don’t count Otis). Great job, mama!!!!

Otis is the BEST personal trainer ever! And no fee required, except to carry his poop bags!


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