I’ve Got Spirit, How About You?!


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I always wanted to be a cheerleader. But I never tried out.

I yelled loudly. I knew the cheers. I had spirit.

But I lacked the confidence to try out. You know what? I was on the tennis and track team at my high school. Yep, total jock. 🙂

It wasn’t until years later that I gave cheerleading another try. When I became a parent.

You can find me on the sidelines at most games. Football, soccer, basketball. I yell. I cheer. I have spirit.

Win or lose, I am my childrens’ biggest fan.

I. Am. A. Cheerleader.

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I was always too short and stubby to be a cheerleader in school, but I cheered right along with them at games. And now that I’m a parent, I do the same thing (probably even louder) from the sidelines 🙂

We would make great cheer buddies now, I am sure of it! 🙂

High five!

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