My Laundry Runneth Over


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My laundry runneth over.

At 365 loads of laundry a year, indeed.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. The piles. The stench of soured socks. The constantness of it all. I have written about the mountains of laundry here.

But when I look at the laundry in a metaphorical way, I am truly blessed by so much laundry.

The cyclical nature of laundry. The minute you think you’re “all caught up,” another day goes by and you’re not. We are living, breathing, dirty clothes-wearing creatures. Doing what we’re supposed to be doing: working, playing, eating, being active. Aren’t we lucky to be so alive?

  • I have three healthy children who are busy and athletic.
  • I have a kind husband who provides for our family. He wears a lot of shirts.
  • I am active and sweat a lot.
  • We cook a lot. We bathe a lot. We dirty a lot of towels.

I am grateful for my powerhouse washer and dryer that work harder than I do. And for the blue liquid detergent and the hot water that make all the stains and germs disappear. I am grateful we can clothe our family from head to toe.

My daughter says she likes the rattling sounds of zippers and buttons hitting the inside of the dryer. Plink. Zink. Plink. Zink. My son says he likes the smell of freshly-washed t-shirts. I love the smell of bleach and how when you wash a load of towels, the fresh smell permeates the house. It reminds me of my grandmother’s hands that always smelled like bleach. Also, the warmth of my laundry room reminds me of going to the laundromat with my mother on Saturday nights. You may think, wow, totally boring. Actually, it was a warm and happy memory for me. Read about that here.

When I take a step back and gaze at the mountains of laundry look at the big picture, I kinda don’t mind. The Maasai people of East Africa have a quote,

“The more cattle a Maasai has, the richer he is.”

Instead of cattle, I have laundry. I am truly rich.

Mountains of laundry.

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That’s a beautiful way to look at a daunting task, Miss Pippi. Silver linings are everywhere. Even in my kids’ messy rooms. Their blessings, literally, are running over. Into the hall. And the bathroom, and down the stairs……

I love your perspective!

Aw thanks. I am trying to change my perspective all-around. It is helping!


Yes, silver linings are everywhere. It just takes a special eye to seek them out. Good for you, my friend!


One of your best blog entries!!!

Thank you!


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