Consider the Snowflake


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The next time you complain about the cold, consider the snowflake. Whose short life on Earth wouldn’t be possible if it didn’t freeze.

Check out these macro photographs of individual natural snowflakes, so perfect and unique and beautiful and magical. They almost take the bah humbug out of winter, don’t they?

Oh and the next time you sigh and complain about the cold weather, consider Antarctica. Using remote sensing from satellites. Antarctica reported the lowest temperature ever: a reading of 135.8 degrees below freaking zero.

And what about people who say, “I love the snow, but hate the cold.” Dude! You can’t have it both ways.

Complainers. Naysayers. Bah humbuggers. They are all annoying.

Say what you want about winter. But I kinda like it. The cold, the dreary, the sleeping plants, the dead plants (low-maintenance), the quiet, the wet. The simplicity of winter.

Maybe some extra time to catch up on some reading. Or going to the mountains for snow! And cross-country skiing! And sledding! And magical, beautiful snowflakes.

Might as well have a listen to Vivaldi’s Winter. You may get some chills.¬†

Winter. Complain and be negative if you will, but my cup is half full. Of hot tea. Make mine peppermint please.


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