Black Diamonds


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Here’s a little story I call “the time I lied about knowing how to ski when I didn’t, just to impress my boyfriend.”

I was in college. I was in love. And I was invited to spend winter break with my boyfriend at his family’s cabin, located at a ski resort.

It was all so perfectly perfect. I was giddy with excitement and anticipation!

Except I didn’t know how to ski.

My boyfriend had asked if I knew how to ski. Yeah, of course, I do, silly! (Hell to the no!) I totally lied. I had only been downhill skiing like twice in my whole life. I was scared shitless.

And I didn’t own any ski wear. Yikes! So, on my Christmas list that year was a parka, ski pants, and ski gloves. Of course.

I had to look the part.

So there we are at the mountain. The setting was idyllic. But, what was I thinking? How would I ski down a blue run, let alone a black diamond run?

I was so nervous, I had that diarrhea feeling. 

I didn’t even know how to get on and off a chair lift.

Yet, onward I went. I rented skis and struggled to click in my boots.

I made my way to the lift and somehow boarded without too much struggle. Dangling and swinging my legs, I didn’t slip. I dismounted without a hitch. This is so easy!

Then we were atop the mountain looking down. Filled with terror and excitement to impress and be a cool girlfriend (and still with the ol’ diarrhea feeling), I zig-zagged my way down the mountain, around moguls even. Parallel skis, turning, and then immediately readying for my next turn.

The adrenalin pumped through me like NoDoz. (Remember those?)

I did it! And I continued to ski all day, only falling twice.

I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was love. Maybe it was adrenalin. Maybe it was my pure determination to succeed. Maybe all of the above, combined with the high altitude, making me all light headed and all.

Even if I had chickened out, I think my college boyfriend would have still stuck around. But I didn’t chicken out. And neither did he.

He is now my husband. And he now takes our kids downhill skiing.

Our first snow of the season!

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