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This is my dog Otis. But you probably already know this. Because Otis has more fans than I do. Some people have suggested that he start his own Facebook fan page. Makes sense.

I had some folks caption this picture:

  • “Who let that one fly?”
  • “Duuuuuuuude. What was in those brownies?”
  • “If I picture bacon it will come to me. If I picture bacon it will come to me…”
  • “Dear God, Please let me catch that squirrel tomorrow. Amen.”
  • “When I open my eyes I want a giant plate of bacon in front of me. One…..two…..”
  • If I have to listen to that story one…more…time…”
  • “I KNOW this is going to end up on Facebook!”
  • “I’m invisible. I’m invisible. I’m invisible.”
  • “Just let me rest for a second.”
  • “I have got a splitting headache….no running around to catch balls today….please.”
  • “I’m holding my breath….what IS that smell?”
  • “No paparazzi.” 
  • “OOOPS, I blinked! Take another one.”
  • “Happy place, happy place.”
  • “Oh please!!!!”
  • “Ohmmmm. Ohmmmmm.” (meditating)
  • “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!”
  • “Lord, if you are out there, please do not let Obama add veterinary care to the Affordable Care Act.”
  • “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.”
  • “For what it lacked in sound, it has more than made up with smell. Seriously, what have I been eating?”
How would YOU caption this photo?
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