Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Sex Offenders Live


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Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue 

And the dreams that you dare to dream, 

Really do come true. 

What if you dream about owning a new home tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. With good schools. With a fenced back yard. Bedrooms for all of your children.

Chances are, you don’t dream about pedophiles and sex offenders. And how they will be your neighbors. Living in the house directly behind your dream home, where they will have a perfect view of your children running through the sprinklers in their undies, on a hot summer day, or swinging in the swing set that your husband plans to install.

It nearly happened.

We had a deposit on our dream home. All we had to do was sell our existing home…and the dream home would be ours!

I was so excited. We visited as often as we could, to see where we would place our furniture. Visualize where our Christmas tree would go. That sort of thing.

I told my friends about our new-almost home. One of my friends urged me to check online to see if any registered sex offenders lived close. She swore she remembered there was a sex offender rehabilitation house nearby.

Yikes! I did a search and sure enough, she was right. A whole house full of sex offenders lived directly behind our dream home. I immediately drove by to check it out. My rose-colored glasses had not seen that dilapidated house before, with its chipping paint, the broken-down cars, the junk and blue tarps. I imagined the pedophiles peeping through their windows with binoculars. Shiver.

It’s great they are getting rehabilitated and all. And I realize they have to live somewhere. But I don’t want them somewhere over MY rainbow.

We talked to our realtor and the developer and immediately got out of our deposit. You know, the clause about full disclosure?

A few months later, we sold our home and found an even better home. One in a quiet neighborhood. With good schools. A fenced back yard. A perfect spot for our Christmas tree. And best of all? Not a registered sex offender for miles!


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