Mom Is Sick


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Mom is Sick

Today was an “octopus wrestling” day
Work, soccer, sick child, deadlines, algebra…yay!

Too many commitments, I have no chance!
Where are my jammy pants?

The body aches are starting
At least I’m not farting

I must get to bed
Ah, the burning head

Mucinex Sinus
It is the finest

Fancy dinner? No such luck
That’s OK, Brussels sprouts suck

Cans of clam chowder en masse
My daughter can heat them, what a smart lass!

Asks my son, is that soup from New England? You bet!
He knows those Patriots

My two-hour nap was heavenly
My family got along swimmingly

Shows you that when Moms get sick
It’s really OK to check out for a bit

A lifesaver when Mom is sick.

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