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You know the board game Perfection from childhood?

Where there’s a timer and you push the plastic board down and the object of the game is to get all the right shapes in the right slots before the timer runs out. You have like one minute to fit the crescent, triangle, circle, and about 20 other pieces into the right slots…and then, crap! All of the little pieces propel out and make you all jumpy and stressed.

I used to love that game. Now I think it’s a stupid game.

Probably because that game is too much like life. So many things to get done in a certain amount of time. And then, crap!

Don’t we have enough pressure to be perfect already? And time pressure?

So I gave that stupid board game away. For someone without issues.

Except. The joke’s on them.

A few weeks after giving the game away, I noticed one of the crescent plastic pieces from Perfection had been left in the game closet. Imagine the frustration the new owner will feel, when he goes to play and can’t seem to get it all right. Maybe the new owner will learn a little something about life:

We can’t always get all the pieces together in the right places all of the time.


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