I Am a Halloween Misfit


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There is a time and place to dress up as a Playboy bunny for Halloween. Halloween is the right time. But church is not the right place.

See, it was because I was a teenager and didn’t know much. My friend and I went to a Halloween party at my neighbor’s church. It was a friendly church with a fun congregation that set up a haunted house throughout the church halls. A “ghoul” even played creepy music on the organ.

Black leotards, black fishnet stockings, bunny ears, and a cotton tail. And that’s about it. My friend and I screamed sexy.

Clearly, we were underdressed.

I should have worn that costume another time. Like when I got invited to a cool Halloween party at a senior’s house in high school. And I was only a sophomore.

Amid a sea of sexy costumes–Wonder Woman, sexy witch, sexy police officer, sexy Minnie Mouse–I came dressed as an old lady.

That’s right. I wore a grey-haired wig, with knee-high panty hose falling down, a frumpy print polyester dress, and wrinkles drawn on my face. Ooops, wrong place for an old lady costume.

Clearly, I was overdressed.

Dang. I never seem to get Halloween quite right. Read here for yet another failed time-and-place Halloween costume.

Dressed sexy or not so much, Happy Halloween to all of you Halloween misfits!


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Hilarious! I use to like to dress up like an old lady for Halloween. One year I went as Polly Darton (Dolly Parton’s long lost dark haired sister!)

Ha! Awesome!

We have GOT to get together.


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