Still Girls


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Golly. I love my daughter. She just turned eleven.

Still innocent.

Still sweet.

Still a girl.

At her birthday party, it was a bunch of girls like her.

One burped louder than a boy.

One said she never brushes her hair.

One talked your ear off about horses. And candy.

They all showed up in t-shirts. They all laughed heartily.

Ah. Still girls. Before the make-up. Before the boys. They were their sweet selves.

We went to a trampoline place where they jumped themselves silly.

A group of teenager girls came in. Their t-shirts were tighter. Shorts were shorter. Lots of eye make-up. They were showing off in front of the teenager boys. They wanted to be noticed.

Are we there yet? No. Thank goodness!

I’ll take the unbrushed hair, loud burps, hearty laughs, fresh faced-innocence any day!


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