Sunny, With A Chance of Sunshine


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It was a heat wave that hit on October 15, 2002. Clear, blue skies and flaming-red leaves. And unusually hot weather for October around here.

Of course! That was the day my daughter was born.

She turns eleven years old today. That means 4,015 days of sunshine in our lives. My daughter brings daily sunshine amidst our often gray, rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest.

That girl. That young lady. Full of light and warmth. She radiates brilliance. Her kindness to others. Her compassion for animals. Her winning attitude and spirit.

Incredible talents and athletic prowess aside (ha!), she is pure sunshine. Her teachers have told me that classmates like to be near her; that she makes everyone feel calm and happy. Wow, can you get a better “report card” than that?!

Happy birthday to my sunshine girl!

maggie9 maggie8 maggie7 maggie6maggie2


Here was our birthday breakfast extravaganza:

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